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10:40pm 19/10/2010

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11:18pm 27/09/2010
  Playing Bioshock in the dark, windows all open. Almost like a kid again. I love this time of year, the smell of the air, the feel of the temp.
It's important that I write this here. Here is important.
oh noes!   
10:39am 11/02/2010
  Having one of those days where everything is slightly electric, pulsating and annoying.  
something i'm working on.   
10:17am 10/02/2010
  The Gods grew jealous, long after they were lulled into complacency by the grandiose charm, and perpetual entertainment. Every day another fascination for myriad of citizens - gods and men and animal alike, that congregated at the Opera House. The ever-pumping trains that connected the great hub by eight giant spokes, drew a beautiful lush tik-tok to the Empires sienna backdrop. For even the sun itself had grown lazy, burning into a rich Amber above the great city of Archadia.

(The Gods Go Trainspotting)
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bored before work   
10:19am 28/01/2010
  I've gained so much weight, it's not funny. Nothing to post, trying to find another PT job, and laying about.  
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my delirium   
09:24pm 26/01/2010
09:59am 15/01/2010
  It definetly feels like I'm going through some sort of mid-life crisis. It's like I'm finding myself all over again.  
09:47am 15/01/2010
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10:16am 11/01/2010
  Good Morning, Casey Management, this is Taylor. How can I help you today?  
01:41pm 08/01/2010
  I start Monday, bitches! Receptionist/Data Entry position. It's gonna be hot. Nothing more to say, just gonna fix me a cocktail and have me some fun! Me me me.  
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walk away from somethin' when it's dead   
08:32am 08/01/2010
Interview a-ho!
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I'm not your toy.   
02:08pm 06/01/2010
  Let's see if I can still embed videos proper.
I know I haven't updated in like, three weeks. I've started to keep my own journal in one of the leather-bound books my sister gave me for christmas several years ago. I just like the feeling of actually writing out the feelings, and doings that take place. Plus, I'm still kind of going through the whole, "If you want to talk to me call me motherfuckers." I don't need to have to update and write stupid phrases and shit to keep random people in the loop. I'm going through a mid.. twenty life crisis.

The job thing is still a go. We're rocking out on that. Interview this Friday for a Receptionist position at a Realty/Property Managment company. I'll have to gay it up, since you know they really want a female behind that front desk. I think I got the call back from my resume because of my first name -- Taylor. (It's a girlllz name!)

I'm sick, nose raw and dripping, complimentary sore throat. It's officially a cold. I'm under heavy protest though, having ventured out for an hour earlier to the bank, and still in full clothing. Shoes and socks and all. Even a hairband.

I'm getting a lot of practice writing during this break, though. And there is lots of mock-dancing. (Someone has no rhythm.) If there were an Official gay card, I'd have stamps on that

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this has been a while   
10:46am 14/12/2009
  A lot has changed, happened in the last year. I'm still with Ed, and we have a beautiful child together. (Cat.) Her name is Alley, for obvious reasons. We call her the vagina-cat though, since she seems to have incredible fits of energy, that rockets out of her behind.

I quit my job on Friday due to sexual harrassment. Basically boss was being inappropriate, and when I went to HR, the waspy woman asked, "Come now Taylor. Are you sure subconsciously you just want him to be hitting on you?" That started some sort of tirade in my system. Gay rights, and all that jazz. Everything unraveled, and many other co-workers began to throw me under the bus.

Deleted my Facebook account as well. I was never really a fan of it, and never really liked the people who friended me. Especially since some were co-workers, and superiors.

So I'm either heading back to school, or looking for another shit-job in the meanwhile. We'll see.
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09:36pm 11/10/2009
  So, I'm a delivery boy. Delivery.. man?
I drive ink cartridges to incredibly old, lazy people. Or office buildings, where most of the people can't even put install the cartridge/toner/whatever in their machine.
Anyway, on Friday I was running a delivery downtown, to an antique shop right on Main. Entering, I saw the same old lousy queen, who always touchs and feels my shoulder and arm a little too much for comfort, helping a customer. She was tall, dark, and with voice that carried a weight suspiciously known to me.
The only English teacher I actually enjoyed behin around, looked up to, held in my heart.
And that was the end.
I just stared at all the antiques and crumbled upon myself, listening to the music from the streets. Sepia filled vision, oak and stained wood piled itself in front me with perfect form and style.
Holding my breath until she passed. Hoping she didn't even know my name. Hoping she didn't even remember my face. Even though I remembered her - - voice, style, mouth, feet, stance.
09:28am 28/08/2009
  I'm alive and doing well. Work and all that bullshit.  
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11:50pm 05/04/2009
09:11am 05/04/2009
  Utada was on 93.3FLZ last night. Fucking AWESOMEHAT.
From her new Album apparently. Was a great dance song. "Dance song" for all those "night clubs" that the "young people" go to on a weekend night.
10:17am 04/04/2009
  Finally moved in with Ed. All done. Been working 40+ hour weeks. Not a lot of free time it seems. Oh well. Least it's not 40 hours in three days~!  
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09:39am 06/03/2009
  Star Ocean 4? Fucking awesome. Not that the 360 has a huge RPG library, but this is the best yet. Amazing game.
Also picked up Red Alert 3 for 70cents. I had a 20 dollar and 10 dollar coupon at Best Buy.
Only really bought so I could see Tim Curry though. :)
12:40am 01/03/2009
  I kinda want the Starbuck "square pyramid" tattoo...